I was really shocked when I first saw this interview about Transhumanismus. I researched all the  persons and things mentioned in this interview with Harald Kautz-Vella and also from other people who are interested in these so called black goo. What the hell ist that black goo? It made me afraid in the first place and secondary very very curious. So, that black goo is also part of this world? May be there is a reason for its existence and it belongs to this world? Crazy stuff.

So if you are interested in what black goo is, also heard about chemtrails and stuff, have a look to that interesting interview and have the benefit from what Harald Kautz-Vella had investigated and researched about the relations and context. In my opinion he did this very very well and I really appreciate his work.


Burkhard Heim

One day I saw a documentary and a guy mentioned the name of Burkhard Heim, and explained, why this guy is amazing and what he brought to the world. Only some people into the science and industry took notice of this man and for me nowadays it seemed that only few people in the world were imaging that he is really one of the brilliant  minds of the last century. Ok, the science stuff Burkhard Heim was working on is far away from easy to understand, but there a some people on the internet who are able to transport his idea into more easy explanations and abstracts.


A very good short introducing into the world of Burkhard Heim is here
Wiki: Burkhard Heim
Heimsche Theorie




Do you know

Yes, it seems no one knows this site. Its a brilliant way to experiment with the cmd line google possibilities. Try it by yourself, it’s real fun and very quick also. Learn about the google hidden search functions and get better results. And also the results are less annoying with ads and stuff. So, have fun with that nice tool.


LiveDocx implementation for mixed up multi pages

If you read about live docx and implementation, you read the API und you can read there about generating multi docs renderings  in one document. This can be a huge disadvantege round about. You can do this not properly with MS MergeFields and MS Blocks together so long my experience. Not without a logic for bringing the single pdf documents together. You have to implememnt a PDF merge logic in your business logik and then everthing works proper.

Its really not convenient to work with the API for exmaple PHP implementaion of the MailMerge class. Even in the Zend Framework als MailMerge Wrapper class, it’s not really that what you really need. And there are some stupid wrong examples in here. This is really poor!!!

This Live Docx PHP Class is better but also only halfe oth the truth and poot too. Forget about that. The API is a nightmare. May be it has something with the MS approach. So it a way of pain, to bring this all together and not to go wrong with thses pitty informations.

First of all, you have to customize a Model als MailMerge data generator in PHP.  Background: I want a application logic for generating one pdf doc with multi single documents. Doesn’t matter how long the single documents (pages) is and very important: with multi MergeFields and multi MergeBlocks in the templates.

In all these examples there is no concete example for that. It’s easy to produce a array for multi merge fields, but if it comes to a mix of merge fields and blocks than you find there nothing at all. So here comes an example.

in the MailMerge exampls you have a method calles assign. for example here in this zend framework example you can read about a standard example. It ok, if it is that common requirement. But also here. Where ist the solution for more than one doc in one pdf?

You need two classes. One for merging the template and the merge field to generate one document and then the PDF class for putting together the single generated documents in one.